At Wake Up, we create conceptual lingerie for every day from delicate to the body and delicate fabrics in which it is not just comfortable, but feminine and beautiful. Our fabrics are ahead of everything that has ever embraced your body. With our products we want to break the stereotype that basic simple styles in laconic colors are mundane and uninteresting.

The modern world requires you to be everywhere, all at once and at the same time to remain yourself, to remember who you really are! Our brand is about this: about a woman in the crazy rhythm of the modern world. Our lingerie is about modern sexuality and honest beauty, where you come first.

In the production we use only the best materials, the most professional types of finishes and have chosen to perform the tailoring of the most painstaking craftswomen of Ukraine. In our busts we deliberately do not use hard cups and push-up sewing technology, instead we carefully design each model so that only with the help of competent modeling of patterns and cut our product can provide both corrective and visually appealing function. We sew to order and do not sew at large enterprises to maintain the individuality, the highest quality and limited products.
In the process of creating collections, we always prefer calm deep shades and minimalist styles.

The conciseness and charm of our products are able to reveal the individuality of each woman and emphasize the natural shapes of the female body, rather than change it.
Developed and sewn in Ukraine with care for you and your body!